Welcome to the Kalling universe!

Inspired by the question of "what are all these townspeople doing when I'm not around?" in action-adventure games, Kalling Kingdom is a fantasy universe that sets the stage for deep simulation, emotional resonance, and a fabric of numbers. Its self-titled game is a turn-based city builder where the player manages the town of Trenn in the year 4871 From Origin (FO): make offers to attract citizens to the city, manage your expenses to keep from going broke, defend against monster attacks, and make choices regarding dynamic dilemmas.


Choose your strategy: build an agricultural-focused town of farms, or create hotels and restaurants to attract tourists and drum up business.
Defend against monster attacks by investing in your military within your city expenses but be careful! Money can go quick when times are tough.
Time the world market through business booms and ugly recessions: invest your city tax holdings into the kingdom to be able to cash out later at a high return.
Be evil, or be a hero: each decision you make affects how your citizens see you and will influence them to abandon town or work happily.


New Artwork
New hand drawn art for the user interface, across a new lore bible, and throughout the game to expand the fantasy world of Kalling.
People: Skill System
People you're making offers to when attempting to attract them to town will want certain kinds of jobs that match their skills. The offer mechanic will grow beyond simple cash offers and transform to consider what else you can offer them: a great role in your city, certain resources, and cash.
People: Happiness and Misery
Citizen happiness will be strongly influenced by a greater variety of factors than it is now: what their current job is, where they want to advance over several turns, and what they can provide for their families.
Resources & Items
Magical artifacts, weapons, food produced by farms, and more: items will be produced by your business in scarcity or in excess, and can be used to offer more people to town, trade with other cities, or sell off for cash.
Market Enhancements
Additional charts and visualizations, more complex dynamics influenced by trade and resources.
New Original Music
A new, original musical score is being put together for 2020 to better establish the universe of Kalling: will feature orchestral instruments that carry distinctive melodies.