Kalling Kingdom v0.21 Update

by Scott Lee :: 2019-08-03

Pre-Alpha v0.21 is here, now with 2 completed building sprites (and the other 3 coming soon after) along with the ability to rename businesses. It is a small feature but very needed: this is a tiny step toward the larger picture that needs to happen for better control over how people and businesses are matched and managed.

The restaurant building coming together happened pretty rapidly this past week and it did so in an interesting way from its original concept sketch.

In addition, there was recently the conclusion live development stream for the project before the full game release at the end of this month. The stream features some behind-the-scenes commentary on what the original design goals of the project were, how progress evolved over time, and a review of previous live dev streams just 3 short months ago.

Now that the weekend has hit, that will leave plenty of time for accomplishing some critical goals around getting those additional sprites done. While visuals are important, there are a lot of gameplay mechanics that will get some attention as well. Hopefully things will come together more coherently within the week but of course we'll keep the players posted with the latest updates.