Kalling Kingdom v0.25 Release

by Scott Lee :: 2019-09-01

This version of the game introduces the first parts of the updated user interface to allow the player to have more control over how they match the people in their town to businesses, and allows click-and-drag of icons to different businesses. This means that this is the first time players are able to swap people between businesses. Work is being done on displaying more information to the player including the person's name they've selected or what different icons on the screen pertain to in text.

The Business and People panel is being removed completely after the new user interface features are complete. The new click-and-drag system is meant to be the primary way that things get done across the canvas with the player buildings. This build also has several new added sound effects for when person icons swap to different businesses successfully, and each business has its own build sound that plays when it's being constructed for the first time.

The new UI allows click-and-drag of people across businesses

A lot of focus is going into the interface this week. One sort of quirk in this new build is that it is easy to trigger multiple panels for businesses when trying to click the "X" to close out one of the panels. This is basically a bug and is being looked into. It does not stop gameplay, though, it is kind of a minor annoyance at the moment.

For unemployed people in the town, the plan currently is to have an icon on screen that allows you to click and drag those, as well, but that feature is not implemented just yet.

Once the full new interface system is all wrapped up, it will finally be a good time to create some new recorded gameplay videos!

Enjoy this new build and stay tuned in the coming days for the new features!