Kalling Kingdom v0.33 Release Notes

by Scott Lee :: 2020-01-02

The market has long been perplexing to new players, so to make it a little easier to understand what happens with it on a longer term basis this release is the beginning of introducing visual representations of the market in a bar chart. The bar chart will show the past 12 turns and the relative performance of the market visually.

To find the new chart, check out the new button for it in the bottom left of the Market panel:

There is still a lot more work to do on this feature but it's already quite playable AND useful: the red shows times when the market is in decline overall (which would mean your current investment would lose money), light blue indicates a return close to zero, and the green shows when there is an ongoing increase in the market's value (which would mean your investment value goes up!). You can identify the current overall market trend by using this chart based on the last 12 turns, which should hopefully provide some insight on whether it is a good time for the city's holdings to be invested (or not!).

This is somewhat incomplete because we want to provide better indicators on screen about what the visual representation means. While the help text does tell you this is showing relative performance on turn-over-turn rate of return: there needs to be more interactivity to this, so at some point in a future update we'll make it so that when you hover the cursor over any of the bars it will tell you exactly what the bar is explaining. That's not there yet, so instead this should just provide you with a general sense of the trend!

There's a small bugfix in this release as well while it looks like I have 3 more to knock out in future updates. The bugfix is at the very end of game when advancing past turn 60: the end game summary used to have a little graphical glitch where the descriptive text panel at the bottom would be stuck on display. This is now resolved, as far as I can tell.

This will likely be the last update for this week but more is on the way. Thanks for reading!