Kalling Kingdom v0.36 and Future Plans for 2020!

by Scott Lee :: 2020-06-20

Loading, display, and a few other small bugs were correctedfor v0.35 and v0.36. We've also added a custom cursor instead of the normal Windows cursor you would see just poking around your operating system! These updates are admittedly small, although work has begun on overhauling the user interface (UI), including all of the buttons / graphics within the game.

The below image is a mock-up created by Jacob Ahlbrand, our Media Designer, who will be doing a lot more artwork on the project. The work shown here is not final at all, and it should be noted that just about everything here could change! But it indicates that the direction we're going is to get rid of the sloppy work done on the original interface in an attempt to finish the game by a deadline.

Following v0.36, we're soon going to be starting on a new version of the game. Before you ask, no, this will not be an expansion, a sequel, or a separate installment of any kind. All current and future customers will get the new version. But it's so different that it will change a lot of the gameplay in ways we think are way better based on the feedback we've received from players.

There are two major lessons that we've taken away from the initial feedback from players since we did the official launch in September 2019:

1) Obscuring certain details from the player or making certain consequences somewhat mysterious for how they occurred based on player input was just a bad design choice. It has lead some folks to be frustrated with the experience. We hear you! It was a bad choice. So, instead, we're going to refine the gameplay so that every decision you make along the way, the game will have some way of immediately informing you what will happen as a result of that given decision.

2) We were way too rigid in the beginning with what we thought the design should be. Instead, all future design we'll let be completely guided by player feedback. This game isn't just ours and our creative vision anymore: it's our customers' and players' to a very large extent. With that in mind, we want it to feel intuitive. If it feels like you ought to be able to do something in the interface, we want to focus on putting that thing there.

If you haven't seen it already, take a look at the Kalling Kingdom website's 'About' page, which has a number of 'Coming Soon' items we're working on for the rest of 2020.

It includes the following:

Stay tuned and keep in touch with us. Feel free to send your feedback to support@elegacorp.com! We're listening and we're still working on the game for the foreseeable future until it's the experience that it is meant to be!